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Philosophical             Proof of a Creator,  based on Einstein’s relativity.


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While I work on changing the focus of this website, please feel free to read my philosophical proof of a creator based on Einstein’s special theory of relativity.  It is based on two overt assumptions:  The validity of relativity (very little credible dissent on that point) and the validity of the eternalism that it implies which is accepted by the majority of physicists and philosophers including Minkowski (Einstein’s erstwhile math teacher and mentor who first discerned it from his protégés theory) and finally by Einstein himself, albeit reluctantly.  However, it also rests on one tacit assumption which I’ll leave to the reader to discern.  I’ll just say that most in the West, including virtually all scientists, accept its validity…though I’m not certain I do myself any longer.


The reader can also read several literary reviews I have written over the years of mostly short fiction, though some novels as well.


Also, under “Miscellaneous,” you’re welcome to read my musings on a variety of subjects from Ayn Rand and objectivism to Eddie Hodges, former child actor and entertainer of yesteryear, as well as personal incidents in my life that are at least intended to be amusing.    


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