Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD- Juvenile Coping Strategies

My views concerning TS and ADHD come entirely from my own experiences. I am not in the medical or mental health fields. I did not take medications as a kid, and I have no expertise on the subject and thus have no view on the topic one way or the other. If your child's mental health practitioner feels as though medications will benefit your child, then by all means proceed in that light if both he or she and yourself feel as though it is best for your youngster.

My views are predicated upon what I think would have helped myself as a child, as my young character is described within my story. In no way am I asserting that any "one size fits all" solution will benefit every child. On the other hand, one lesson I have learned from life with absolute certainty is that one should never think of one's self as being entirely unique. Whatever problems one might have, it is a certain bet that someone, somewhere is suffering the same.


In the wake of reported tragic cases of youngsters taking their own lives after having experienced profound bullying at school, individuals affected have taken up what might be termed the "anti-bullying" cause. Their approach to this problem has been to attempt to change the school environment by holding schools accountable to maintain a safe atmosphere for kids to learn. They have been successful in educating school administrators and teachers and in passing anti-bullying legislation on a state level. Some give lectures at schools in an attempt to educate students as well.

I commend such individuals. It must be acknowledged that some kids have problems that make them potential victims of bullies that they cannot adjust, such as aspects of their physical appearances or intellectual abilities. It is therefore incumbent upon schools to be as vigilant as possible in protecting such kids.

Nevertheless, I believe that in regard to many other kids, such as the one in my story, this is only half the equation in solving the problem. A child can never be completely sheltered from a harsh world with harsh individuals inhabiting it. So, whenever possible, teaching coping and social skills should be the other half of the equation in ultimately eliminating the problem.

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