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Although I have no desire whatsoever to become a professional, or even semi-professional, writer, literature is a subject I have been interested in all my thinking life. In an effort to promote internet literature, I review (mostly) free access internet zines and a story from each one. I believe this is a valuable resource for writers wishing to become acquainted with various markets for their works. I also offer my thoughts on writing—from the standpoint of a longtime voracious reader, as opposed to that of a writer—in my section entitled “On Writing.”  I would particularly suggest my essay entitled “Method Writing” in which I contend that all great writers are masters of characterizations and explain how I believe aspiring writers can learn to emulate their genius in that area.

In regard to my “Miscellaneous” section, for those of a philosophical bent, I would recommend my “Proof of a Creator” essay in which I attempt to use the theoretical physical framework of Albert Einstein, that most renowned of atheists, to maintain that from a strictly logical standpoint our reality had to have been created, if not by God per se, then at least by a creator of some sort.

For those interested in the political and social philosophy of the libertarian Ayn Rand, I offer an article (“Ayn Rand and Objectivism”) in which I attempt to objectively analyze her philosophy. For those interested in physics, my essay "'Many-Worlds Interpretation' of QM” offers an exploration of the MWI which I used within my story to make my plot tenable. For those who might enjoy a chuckle, my perhaps feeble attempts at anecdotal humor are contained within “Comic Relief.”

As I said, this website is intended for readers.  Although many of my offerings on this site might appear long, none of my articles or literary reviews should take longer than fifteen minutes to read; with most requiring significantly less time. Many might appear longer than they are because I prefer using multiple pages rather than putting them on a single page in which the reader must use a slide bar to read down. This is partially because I feel as though that page clicking lends more of a print feel to the website by way of page-turning, and partially because I personally don’t like the way the slide bar method is presented on this software.  Click to continue:

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