Personal Accounts

If anyone would be interested in submitting a personal account of your experiences with school bullying, Tourette's Syndrome or ADHD, or that of your youngster's, please send it to me and I shall be glad to post it here. Please let me know in your email if you want your name included on the site or not. Thank you.

From Debbie:  (December 26, 2006)

Life with Tourette's Syndrome

I was always a little different. I don't remember much about growing up except that I didn't have a lot of friends. I always felt like an outsider. The friends that I did have would always do mean things to me. For example, when I was in second grade, there were some girls I would hang out with, but they would sometimes come at me with their hands to see if I would flinch to get away from them when they would come at me.

I had difficulty with school work and was afraid to speak out in class or otherwise stick out. In fact, I was afraid to raise my hand when I had to use the bathroom and often would pee my pants which brought on even more teasing. I moved to a new school when I was in third grade and things seemed to go a little better for a while. I still didn't have a lot of friends, but did do a few activities like camp fire girls.

I remember feeling like an outcast there, but they did try to include me in activities. I was often clumsy with things I would do but at least I tried. I moved to Alaska when I was 10 and things really fell apart for me. I had maybe one or two friends and everyone else seemed to be against me (at least that's the way it seemed to me). There were several kids who singled me out for teasing and generally picking on me and life was absolutely miserable.



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