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From May (March 19, 2010)

Wounds That Scar but Never Heal: Bullying in Poland

Basically, I came across your site by accident. The moment I saw it I linked to it on my Facebook and DeviantArt accounts and sent it to friends just to do my part in spreading awareness of a problem that is so often frighteningly underestimated. There's still so few people who pay enough attention to bullying among children; the dominative approach is still: "So you were bullied? Who wasn't?" The truth is that nobody deserves such an experience, not even the worst person.

I want to write about my story. Actually, I have no idea why I want to write about something that I've never considered important enough to tell anyone in detail—even my boyfriend—, but I suppose some people may read it and know that they're not alone.

I also want to explain that, although this story is traumatic and personal to me, and I might not have the objectivity to judge the weight of my own memories, the parts about the state of schooling in Poland, my country, are not exaggerated. There are schools where a situation is really this bad.

To make a long story short, I was bullied throughout nine years of school. The words are really easier to say and think about now when it's all gone.

I've never had myself examined for Asperger's or anything else; after all, what would it have changed? One has to get on with life anyway, regardless of all the labels, and bullies don't check or care whether you're diagnosed with anything or not.

I lived in a small town—almost a village—where everyone knew one another. I never was a pretty kid: overly tall and crooked-legged, thick glasses, braces; plus I had some muscular growth issues and hence I wasn't good at sports. That might have been the reason kids started to pick on me when I was six, or it might have been the fact that I was an only child who never encountered anything but positive attitudes in her life, and so I couldn't defend myself at the time. No matter the reason, the "punching bag" label got stuck on me at that point and hasn’t come off since.  Click to continue:

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