I received no payment for my story and if I had, it would have gone to a charity. Nor do I have any writing career to launch or further. I wrote my story and established this website for one purpose, the purpose noted on the Welcome Page.

By writing the story, I wanted people to understand how severely bullied kids feel, and to warn parents why their child might feel he or she is unable to talk to them about it, especially boys. If the first few pages of the second half of my story does not accomplish that, then I would regretfully conclude that I had failed in my stated purpose.

What I would like and hope is for parents to act preemptively in regard to their kids, especially middle school age children where the worst of bullying typically begins, by talking with them along these lines:

"If you ever have any problems in school with other kids, if any bully or tease you and won't leave you alone, then please tell us. It is nothing to be ashamed of and many kids have gone through it. Bullies are cowards who pick on weaker kids or by ganging-up on them. They are cowards who never attack unless they are certain in their minds that they can get away with it. There's not much you can do if a half-dozen kids gang-up on you. So please tell us and we'll see what we can do. Again, don’t you ever feel ashamed to tell us if anything like that happens to you."

It is my hope that with a proactive approach like this, along with the efforts of many others in the anti-bullying cause to hold schools accountable to maintain a safe environment for learning, children might be spared unnecessary misery, and, in some extreme cases, a family will be spared a lifetime of misery with an empty place at the supper table.

Therefore, if you have appreciated this website, please suggest it to others and link to it if you have a similar subject website.

Thank you.

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