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Proof of a Creator:  A Rejoinder to Theodore Schick, Jr. (continued)


(Some attempt to argue that such a view is a misinterpretation of the theory.  However, Dr. Einstein himself certainly seemed to accept its validity as there is a letter written by him to the widow of a recently late associate in which he attempts to comfort her by pointing out that her late husband and she were presently enjoying many happy moments together in other parts of the universe.  


Additionally, I asked by email a prominent European physicist, who had been kind enough to reply,  the following question:


“I would like to ask you a simple question concerning your theory.  When

you assert that time does not actually exist, and, therefore, cannot "flow"

as it is usually thought of doing so; and that "moments" (i.e.,

particular configurations of matter) simply exist, are you stating that

every "moment" exists eternally and independently of every other

moment?  Do you mean that, for example, January 1, 2002, 12:00 AM GMT,

and January 1, 2002, 12:01 AM GMT have an entirely different set of

matter of which they are constructed, as opposed to the usual idea of

each moment being composed of the same matter as any other moment that

has simply shifted relative position?”


His answer:


“Exactly correct.”)


I think it can be safely asserted that we all accept the existence of the phenomenon of cause and effect.  For every baby (effect) there was a transaction (cause) between a sperm and an egg.  But here is the rub:  If the past, present and future all exist contemporaneously, and if by definition a cause must precede its effect, then how could the cause in this example have preceded its effect when the baby and his or her parents exist contemporaneously and eternally?  


The only tenable answer that I can discern is:  it didn’t.   That is, it didn’t in our spacetime.  Just as a painting’s obvious orderly composition did not result from any event within the canvass, but rather from order imposed from without (i.e., by the artist), the undeniable order that permeates our reality and renders our very existences possible must likewise have been imposed from without, by a creator of some sort.   Click to continue:


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