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"Many-Worlds Interpretation" of Quantum Mechanics


When I originally plotted my story, I had planned on a much more substantial explanation of its science fiction, time travel scenario than what I ultimately had to settle for.  Since the story evolved to over ten thousand words, I had to reluctantly sacrifice the idea in order to keep the piece within the short story range.  In my author’s commentary section, I state, “If this story could be real.…”  Well, according to an exciting new development within the world of theoretical physics, perhaps it could be.


A good place to begin this topic for the uninitiated is to become familiar with the double-slit experiment, the renowned cornerstone for all the “quantum weirdness” apparently inherent within reality that one hears tell of so often.  Rather than take the time here to explain the (often replicated) experiment, one can consult the following Wikipedia article concerning it and its seemingly bizarre outcomes and ramifications:






The original double-slit experiment with its subsequent embellishments seems to present the conclusion that nothing material actually exists within the physical reality that we perceive until someone observes it, which has led to all sorts of fanciful “interpretations” as to what actually occurs within physical reality; including many which border on the outright metaphysical.  (See The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra, the speculative book that first tried to tie quantum physics to Eastern metaphysical philosophy and religion.)


However, many within the physics community, repulsed by what they see as idealism in such attempted explanations, have increasingly come to accept the validity of the “Many-Worlds Interpretation” of quantum mechanics in an effort to preserve objective reality.  Once again, rather than taking the time here to explain the interpretation to the uninitiated, below is another Wikipedia article one can read regarding it, if interested:






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