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"On My Own," by Ashes Remain


The following link will take you to a video featuring a great song I discovered by a Christian rock band named Ashes Remain.  Although this song was not inspired by my story and I have no association with this group, I am so impressed with the song I have decided to link to it and would like to think of it as “Pride’s Prison” unofficial theme song.  


“Every day by myself I’m breaking down. I don’t want to fight alone anymore. Bring me out from the prison of my own pride.”


That’s exactly the message of my story!  If you are being bullied in school or know of someone who is, please tell someone who will help you, him or her!  Do not suffer needlessly in silence as my character did for so long.  


Please pass along this video and superlative song and support this very talented musical band!:  







Here is the link for the official website of Ashes Remain:




"On My Own" Ashes Remain