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A Milestone!


This is just a brief note of appreciation for all who read here and contributed to my hit meter having recently reached the once unimaginable figure of 100,000 hits.  The primary focus of the website continues to be the issue of school bullying.  Every hit on this website (as well as on a host of others devoted to the subject!) represents a kid potentially saved from the ordeal I once endured along with many others.  For every hit here and at similar websites, the chances slightly increase that a family will be spared the lifetime of grief that the Halligan family (among others) has not been spared.   (Yet they selflessly and courageously campaign to save countless others the profound sorrow that they must live with day after day.)


For every person who is kind enough to read “Pride’s Prison” and, therefore, hopefully comes to understand the profound sense of shame and despair that school bullying inflicts upon its victims, the level of understanding rises and the chances of parents acting proactively to avert tragedies increase accordingly.  Once again, please do not assume that because your youngsters make no overt complaint concerning school that all is necessarily well.  Please do not be so blinded by love, pride and acclimation that you simply assume your child could never be a target of vicious school bullies.  


Please refer my story and website to others.  Everything on it is free to read, and it will never contain any ads.  I make not a penny off of it and would not accept donations even if offered.  I just ask that if you appreciated “Pride’s Prison” and other materials on this website, then please spread word of it and hopefully help its hit meter reach 200,000 in half the time or less that it took to reach the first 100,000.


Thanks to all again and please keep up the fight against the insidious social disease known as school bullying.




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