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A Rebuttal to Donald Schneider's "Proof of a Creator," by SJK  -


("SJK” is a creative writer of short stories, with numerous publication credits, who prefers to remain anonymous for the purposes of this essay.  I encountered SJK on an internet zine’s forum and was impressed by the quality and erudition of SJK’s writing, and I noted that the writer is a self-professed agnostic.  Therefore, I invited SJK to attempt to write a rebuttal to my “Proof of a Creator:  A Rejoinder to Theodore Schick, Jr.”; an invitation most graciously accepted.


In regard to SJK’s expressed views, I merely want to clarify that in regard to my appeal to Albert Einstein in support of my argument, I state quite clearly within my essay that Dr. Einstein was a self-professed atheist (and not, by the way, an agnostic).  My appeal is to Dr. Einstein’s theories of relativity and not to his memory personally.  It is my contention that he had failed to fully grasp the implications of his own theoretical work.  


Other than that, I shall make no comment here and leave it to the readers of both our essays, as well as Dr. Schick’s paper (linked to at the end of my essay), to form their own conclusions. —Donald Schneider)




First, I think you damage your argument at the end of your essay when you claim that this creative something “just is,” after specifically criticizing the other side for positing a universe that “just is.”  You avoid the questions “Who created the creator?” and “Who created the creator’s creator?” (ad infinitum) by speculating that perhaps at some point a science within the creator’s plane of existence may be able to explain this “just is” phenomenon.  (This is an act of faith, not logic.)  If I may be so bold, that’s not playing fair.  You rightfully insist that science stick to the rules, but then end by claiming that the creator doesn’t have to play by the rules.  He/she/it exists in a magical plane and does magical things that are not subject to any logic, laws, explanations, or definitions.


There really isn’t any argument against that.  As Schick points out, you could as easily claim that the universe emerged from the bowels of a spider.  Since you can’t prove a negative, and there are no empirical rules—including that oh-so-human construct, logic—to guide us when dealing with a magical plane, the spider thesis is just as valid as a sentient being imposing intelligent design upon the universe.  (Note that the spider’s universe is created by design, but not by intelligence.  There’s no consciousness behind it.  I’ll come back to this idea.  I’ll also come back to the “magical plane” theme.)  Click to continue:








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