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Eddie Hodges     (Written in 2008)


I have just finished a review for Bewildering Stories.  Unfortunately, it will not be published until April 7th due to the online publication’s backlog of accepted pieces—and this is a review!  Bewildering Stories has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings several years ago and even since my story was published just a little over two years ago.  The next openings the zine has for short fiction is December—and Bewildering Stories is a non-paying, weekly publication!


I can’t sufficiently praise Jerry Wright and Don Webb, as well as all the staff, for their exemplary efforts to turn the zine into one of the most popular strictly online zines currently in publication.  Although the zine continues to attract submissions from published and acclaimed writers such as Mark Spencer and Colin P. Davies, Mr. Wright and Dr. Webb will not retreat from their initial stated mission of offering a home for aspiring writers rebuffed elsewhere.  


In addition to it being a showplace for superlative prose and poetry, it continues to serve its mission as an educational vehicle for new writers, with a staff willing to take the time to give advice and ask for rewrites when indicated.  Both the zine’s hit meter and its mind-boggling backlog of submissions speak for themselves in regard to the results of their dedicated efforts.


I’m just so appreciative that it was Bewildering Stories that ultimately accepted my one and only story.  In retrospect, I wouldn’t have had it published anywhere else, even on a paying basis.


I am currently working on another literary review which I hope to have completed and posted here by this Sunday.  In the meanwhile, I offer yet another of my potpourri of unrelated musings under the “miscellaneous” heading of my website.




“Eddie Hodges” is a name that will probably mean little or nothing to the vast majority of those reading here.  In truth, it was a name I only vaguely recalled myself until recently.  He is a sixty-year-old mental health counselor in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area where he was born.  Click to continue:









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