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In my story (and elsewhere), I make no bones about how I feel about some of the nuns who had taught me as a child in parochial school, especially one in particular.  I think the problem during that era was that many nuns had been pushed into the convent by their families  during the depression, their marital prospects having seemed bleak.  Thus, many were terribly unhappy in their highly regimented lives and took out their bitterness on their hapless charges.  I had been “Sister Mary Peter’s” designated whipping boy that particular year.  I’m sure there had been others before and afterwards.


However, it is indeed most unfair to paint with a broad brush when recounting the past.  There were indeed many nuns with true vocations and who well understood what the Lord meant when He had stated:  “Suffer the little children….”  There were many kind nuns and others who were tough but fair and didn’t have picks on certain, usually weaker kids.  Such nuns had my utmost respect, even when I had gotten quite justly whacked for some offense or other.


My first brush with "the system" came when I had been in second grade.  I was busted for the horrendous offense of gazing out the window while the nun had been droning on about whatever it was she had been droning on about.  In truth, such was my usual ADHD (as I would later come to realize) state of affairs.  I was ordered to report from the new school building (where the younger grades were held) to the old school building, which housed all the “big kids" and to which I had never been before, for detention later that afternoon.


My pleas for mercy having been to no avail, I dutifully and forebodingly walked, in my typically disheveled appearance—my shirttail hanging out, necktie askew and shoelaces untied—, after school to detention.  I somehow managed to find the classroom which housed the after school juvenile desperados and meekly entered, presenting myself to an elderly, kindly looking nun as this towheaded, angelic-looking seven-year-old runt amongst the school’s towering, recidivist criminal element caught fighting or smoking.


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