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I suppose it is inevitable that no one could live over half a century without having had some humorous incidents to recount to others.  So for what it is worth, I offer some of mine…


Rollin’ with the Punches


It is indeed a fortunate quality to have a sense of humor while facing life’s trials and tribulations.  Some years ago, I had occasion to call a credit card company, a real cheapskate outfit without an 800 number; having a number listed on the back of the card with a regular area code.  When I phoned, I apparently misdialed by one number.  Instead of reaching the bank, I was greeted with the following answering machine message from a youngish sounding woman:


“Hello.  This is Alice.  This is my home.  This is not [XYZ] Bank.  Please do not leave me any messages about credit cards.  I do not need or want to know your name or credit card number; and, although I’m certain that your payment really had been lost in the mail, I cannot waive your late charge.


“Now, if you would like to leave me a message, please do so at the sound of the beep.”


I left my name and number anyway, complimenting the young lady on her exquisite sense of humor.  But, alas, no return call ever came in regard to my marriage proposal.




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