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Proof of a Creator:  A Rejoinder to Theodore Schick, Jr. (continued)


How then can one account for the creator’s origin?  How can one avoid an infinite regress of creators?  That is what I term the "ultimate mystery” of existence.  How can anything exist at all?  As incomprehensible as the mystery is, the only answer I can suggest is that somewhere along the line, someone or something “just is,” and in his, her or its plane of existence the answer to these questions can be scientifically fathomed as they cannot be here within the logic of our reality.


It is not my contention that I can solve the ultimate mystery to which I referred.  Rather, I only claim that if Dr. Einstein’s theory is correct—as on empirical grounds it certainly appears to be—, then it is evident that our spacetime had a creator (existent or once so), the nature of whom or which is beyond the scope of this essay.  Dr. Schick is certainly not arguing in favor of one version of a creator over another.  On the contrary, he argues against the existence of any creator at all, a view which this essay attempts to refute as scientifically illogical.


In summation, although my arguments might transpose to a typical ”intelligent design” thesis, I contend that my conclusion cannot be simply dismissed as such because my basic argument goes beyond the normal intuitive attitudes that intelligent design adherents commonly put forth in support of their views.  My basic point is one derived from the prevailing paradigm that contemporary physicists labor within:  relativity and the block universe it implies.


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