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Proof of a Creator:  A Rejoinder to Theodore Schick, Jr. (continued)


The concept of cause and effect implies a sequential creation.  If the universe is static (with motion (and change) being a mere illusion—exactly as Parmenides and Zeno argued—, along the lines of a motion picture rendering the illusion of motion from a series of still frames), then nothing within our spacetime could have been created within it any more than a now static Rembrandt masterpiece could have created and ordered itself.  


Rather, the reality that we live within and perceive must have been sequentially created (thus accounting for the obvious causes and effects we observe) in a higher dimensional time, exactly as Dr. Ross argues, and then became static, exactly as a painting does upon completion.  Quite simply, a cause must precede its effect within existence, which cannot be the case if both the cause and the effect have always existed simultaneously.


As a thought experiment, assume that the characters within a novel could somehow gain sentience and intelligence, and that their universe, contained within the pages of the book, seems just as real to them as our universe (or “multiverse” if the MWI of quantum mechanics should be correct in fact) does to us (in our higher dimensional time).  Unless the author was able and chose to communicate with his or her creations, then by what means would they have to discover the true nature and origin of their existences other than by deducing that whatever logic and order they perceive must have been imposed from without, as to them their universe appears simply to have always been and thus cannot have been created within its own dimension of time?  


The alternative would be for them to reason as Dr. Schick and many others do.  That is, that their—unbeknownst to them—literary universe simply “just is.”  In this hypothetical scenario, they would be very wrong; just as I believe Dr. Schick and others are for the reasons I have presented.  Dynamic forces cannot exist within a stagnant universe.  To argue otherwise would be a contradiction in terms.  Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that the dynamic force that forged our now static universe via causes and effects (i.e., the laws of physics) must have come from without.  Click to continue:






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