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"The Speed of Darke," by Diane Andrews


Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction ("TQF") is a British print and online publication.  It is the brainchild of Stephen W. Theaker who serves as co-editor along with John Greenwood, a frequent contributor to the quarterly publication.  TQF is a whimsical magazine of a decidedly intellectual bent.  Indeed, one of the main attractions of the publication is Mr. Theaker’s erudite, playful and sometimes rather mischievous wit.  Mr. Theaker reminds one of Noel Coward, that quintessential English gentleman.  This can be discerned simply by reading over the publication’s expansive and somewhat tortuous guidelines.


TQF is offered online and in print via Lulu, the internet self-publishing concern, though Mr. Theaker concedes that sales of the print version have been anemic.  Except for the cover artist and authors of works in excess of 15,000 words (and in the case of U.K. residents only), contributors do not even receive a courtesy copy of the print edition, which Mr. Theaker rather playfully explains as a cost-saving measure.  


Contributors receive no payment beyond exposure and inclusion in a well-edited and -presented genre periodical appealing to intellectuals and those seeking to improve one’s vocabulary in thirty days or less.  Mr. Theaker notes that “the format was initially modelled after that of the Medico-Legal Journal, the official publication of the Medico-Legal Society…”; doubtlessly a real toe-tapper of a draw seemingly overlooked by Publisher’s Clearinghouse for years now.


TQF publishes science fiction, fantasy and horror of virtually all stripes, with some restrictions as noted within the guidelines.  Alternate history is not accepted unless the piece contains other fantastical elements.  Short poetry is not accepted, though longer works of the epic variety will be considered.  Reviews, artwork and even ongoing comic strips are considered, as well as fan fiction, as long as there are no copyright violations involved.  Horror (and even terror!) pieces are accepted, but serial killer tales are eschewed; with murder and mayhem apparently being restricted to the more tasteful singular variety.


One aspect of TQF that is highly desirable to potential contributors is that length restrictions seem nonexistent.  Novels and continuing sagas are presented within TQF and stories with recurring characters and storylines are sought.  Nonfiction articles (aside from reviews) are currently not (or are or might be!) accepted.  Simultaneous submissions are not accepted and rights are secured on a onetime basis in regard to the print and online editions concurrently.  Click to continue:





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