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“The Divine Conquest of Mexico,"  by T. L. Morganfield


Carol Hightshoe is one of the most industrious literary figures I’ve yet encountered in the course of my sojourns at various online publications.  In addition to being an apparently one woman production team for Sorcerous Signals and The Lorelei Signal, the former’s online sister publication, Ms. Hightshoe serves as senior acquisitions editor for Flying Pen Press, a small press concern that publishes books of various genres.  Ms. Hightshoe personally reads for fantasy selections.


She is also a contributing author to Dragon Moon Press’s Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction, as well as being the author of several published poems, short stories, novelettes and at least one novel in the fantasy and science fiction genres.  Included among Ms. Hightshoe’s already ponderous collection of literary works are several stories based on the Star Trek television and movie series, her childhood passion.


The only difference I can discern between Ms. Hightshoe’s zines is a requirement within The Lorelei Signal that stories contain strong female characters.  Presumably, damsels in distress are okay for Sorcerous Signals.  Otherwise, both publications appear to have nearly identical guidelines regarding submissions and payment terms.  They are quarterly publications with reading periods noted within their guidelines.


Sorcerous Signals accepts fantasy submissions up to ten thousand words, though running over if necessary will not preclude an acceptance.  Although Ms. Hightshoe professes to be partial to pieces within the “sword and sorcery” subgenre, any piece that would qualify as fantasy will be considered.  Each presented story is beautifully adorned with artwork (also solicited).   Fantasy related poems and reviews are accepted, though the latter is on a non-paying basis.  Simultaneous submissions are accepted (at least for now) and reprints will be considered if last published a year or more ago.  Payment for fiction, art and poetry consists of a nominal advance against solicited donations through PayPal, the efficacy of such a source for remuneration seeming problematic.


The fiction selections I read are fairly typical, very good examples of fantasy, ranging from primeval gods to sorcery and virtually everything in-between.



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