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My review of "Last Tango on a Wintry Day," [Bewildering Stories; Issue 207, July, 2006] by Carmen Ruggero, was published on Bewildering Stories in issue 236, March, 2007.  The button link below will take one to the review:








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One can read many more of Carmen Ruggero's literary works by looking at her biography on Bewildering Stories (under  "Biographies and Bibliographies"). Then just scroll down her biography page and click on any and all of her fine works— fiction, non-fiction and poetry—to read them.  


Ms. Ruggero is a remarkable woman who has led a fascinating life. She is a writer of rare eloquence, and I sincerely commend her work to all.  Ms. Ruggero also maintains her own website, which is linked below:








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