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(Home Schooling, continued)


In many cases, home schooling might not be possible due to circumstances. However, it remains an option for some; hopefully a temporary one if bullying is the sole reason for a parent choosing this course of action, while working with the youngster to improve his or her social skills before placing the child back into school, perhaps a different one, if feasible, for a fresh start.

Once again, I want to make absolutely clear that I am not advocating trying to improve a child's social skills for the benefit of bullies, but, rather, for the benefit of the child himself or herself. For every school sadist who will torment a youngster because of poor social skills, there are a dozen others who will simply not want to be associated with him or her in any way. Teaching good social skills will benefit a child throughout his or her entire life. An effort made in this direction—whenerver possible and where such is part of the problem—is just one of many approaches in trying to solve a youngster's problems with bullies.

Homeschool World presents several free articles concerning the ins and outs of the home schooling process, and has a magazine one can subscribe to if interested. I would particularly recommend an article by Mary Pride entitled “How to Get Started in Homeschooling” for a good fundamental overview of the subject. It can be found on the first page of this site. Click to link:

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