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Home Schooling

If parents discover that their child is being severely bullied in school, what are the options? As I said in regard to kids afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD, I don't assert that any one size fits all solution will be effective or best for every such youngster.

It is, of course, up to each parent to assess his or her child's situation before deciding upon a course of action. Working with the child, when possible, to try to identify the reason(s) as to why the child has been targeted by school sadists and then working with the child along the lines I suggest in my essay regarding TS and ADHD to enhance his or her social skills is, I believe, the optimum solution in the long run. This, even when possible, however, will not address the youngster's immediate situation.

Demanding the school address the situation is certainly an option, and a just one. A parent can point out that he or she is paying taxes or tuition to have a child educated and insist that the school provides what the parent is paying for within a safe environment for the youngster, conducive to learning. How willing or able the school will be to satisfactorily address the situation, however, might seem problematic in many instances. In some cases, a simple request to change the child’s classroom might help to some extent.

Transferring the child to another school might also help, but then again, after a brief respite the child might find himself or herself in the same situation.

I have no expertise in the subject of home schooling, and I hesitate to refer to it as a "last resort," for fear of demeaning parents who have chosen this option to educate their youngsters for a variety of reasons.  In my particular case, it would have seemed ideal for me as a child, as I had numerous neighborhood friends to socialize with after school. Under no circumstances would I suggest that a child be entirely isolated from peers, as such would certainly be emotionally unhealthy for a youngster.

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