Click below the illustration for the story’s entry page. A tale of school bullying set in Philadelphia.


This is an illustration that depicts the climax of "Pride's Prison." You'll have to read the story to understand its context. The drawing will be included on Bewildering Stories as well as here.  Theo Cobb, professional illustrator 

"'Pride’s Prison' holds the all-time record at BwS for reader response. Nine years later, e-mail is still coming in to express gratitude for its sensitive portrayal of a child with Tourette’s Syndrome and practical suggestions for treatment."  — Don Webb, Managing Editor, Bewildering Stories

“The climax of this short story hits the reader like an emotional sledgehammer, seemingly coming from nowhere. Seldom have I encountered an author who so effectively translated his or her life experiences into the written word. From dread through laughter and tears, ‘Pride’s Prison’ is a roller coaster of pathos.... How can a fantasy feel this real?"  — Maureen O’Mally, reader and literary critic 

Great read. I didn't want the story to end." — George, a reader from Georgia

A man’s forlorn desire for the one power denied even God results in a catharsis and an unexpected outcome in the realm of the uncharted.

"This story is an absolutely wonderful sci-fi approach to understanding the life struggles of an awkward child. The sci-fi element is not obtrusive. It is only employed to make the story possible.

"The story is more about self-improvement, forgiveness and understanding than scientific wonders of any kind. I recommend you read this and allow it to inspire you to write a short story of your own."

—Reverand Roger Engle,
Nondenominational Missionary, Honduras

"This only is denied to God..."


Please read the story and pass it on to others because it’s free, it’s good and it helps people understand how bullied kids feel.

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