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From Tom  (December 27, 2006)

Great story Don! The beginning was pretty scary at first. But then I read your commentary and thought about it. You're right. Things sure have changed since we were kids. We weren't afraid to play by ourselves or talk to strangers like kids are today. Even though it is such a sad story, I thought the man telling the kid to rule out being an escape artist and the Boy Scout sign was hysterical! You're a very good writer. You made him seem like such a real kid. I guess he was once. I'm sorry for what you must have went through then. I was a big kid so I never had any trouble, but I never picked on any other kid. Those who did were cowards picking on weaker kids. My son (grown up now) didn't have Tourettes, but he did have ADHD. He's pretty much outgrown it now, but he's always been on the nervous side. Thanks again. Really nice story.

--Tom S.

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