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Respnse to Tom S. from previous page:

Tom, thanks for the kind comments! I agree that matters have changed drastically since that time. As I said, in some ways change was necessary, but we always seem to have a tendency to throw the proverbial baby out with the dirty bathwater. In regard to myself, thank you. But to tell you the truth, I hardly gave those days a thought until I read a story in a newspaper about bullied kids today. Then the memories came flooding back. The story is not about the past, but about the present and the future. As I said, I hope it can do some good.--Don


From Gina  (April 2, 2007)

Dear Don,

I have always loved to read, and I want to thank you so much for offering this wonderful story to us. The beginning was suspenseful and what follows is surprising, to say the least! My only criticism of the piece is that it drags some after the motel room scene. But the ending is very good and the story is first rate, and I honestly felt like crying with the boy when he reveals his true feelings after having held them in for so long. Thanks again. I really enjoyed it.

--Gina V.

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