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I’m just glad we only had a half day today, but tomorrow we start having whole ones. At least we change classes this year, so I won’t have Sister Mary all day long like I had Sister Clare last year. There are only about sixty kids in a class this year. Last year we had eighty. They added a new class to each grade. Now there are four, but I still get stuck in the wrong room!

Timmy Hagen and his mom are real scared too. Ed is still in Germany but is supposed to go to Vietnam soon. We all pray for him. Mom says I should pray for President Johnson too because he has such a tough job. Mom says no one can take President Kennedy’s place, so she feels sorry for him. Mom’s Irish, so she especially misses him.

The Fugitive was on tonight with its first show of the new season. We all watched it. Dad says he likes it because every week he can watch someone with worse problems than he has! I know what he means. I want to be like David Jansen when I grow up. He's always so cool and so good even with running all around the country after that one-armed man and all. I don't like Inspector Gerard! He's so mean. But he doesn't know that Dr. Kimball didn't really kill his wife, though.

It rained after school today, so I had to stay in which I hate. At least I had my new Hardy Boys to read. I’m almost halfway through it already. Mom tells me to slow down as she can’t afford to be buying me new ones all the time. John says I’m getting too old for them too, even though the books say they’re for boys nine to twelve. He’s a real brain so I guess I’m supposed to be too. He wants me to start reading science fiction. He gave me a magazine called Analog to read. Maybe I’ll start it when I finish my book. No homework yet!

[Editor's note: Sister Mary Peter spoke with a lisp. She was, in fact, thirty-nine at the time. "Timmy Hagen" was Bobby’s next door (pronounced “next store”) neighbor and boyhood best friend all through childhood. Ed Hagen, Timmy’s older brother, was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War. Like Bobby, Timmy is half (Southern) German on his paternal side and half Irish on his maternal side, a common marriage combination here then due to the common religion.]

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