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Caution:  These pages will contain spoilers in regard to "Pride's Prison." Please do not read them until you have had the opportunity to have read the story. Thank you

To a certain extent, "Pride's Prison" is a thinly-veiled personal memoir of growing up with an undiagnosed, mild case of Tourette's Syndrome and a more severe case of the ADHD that often accompanies the syndrome. Had my TS been more severe then, ironically, I might have actually been better off as my parents would have realized that something had been wrong with me and would have taken me for treatment. Mild cases of TS often went undiagnosed in those days, and I didn't have verbal tics. (A minority of people with TS have verbal tics, or severe problems with them.) They just thought I had been "high-strung."

Because I had had little to no problems with my numerous neighborhood childhood friends growing up at the height of the baby boom era, my parents had no idea whatsoever concerning the profound problems I was having at Catholic school, especially from fourth to sixth grades. I hid it from them, which is the point of the story. Looking back, I don't know how I avoided sinking into a nervous breakdown during sixth grade, unless for the reasons indicated within the story.

The beginning of the story is framed as it is—a child abduction in broad daylight—for several reasons, including for reasons of suspense and realism. In regard to the latter, the editor alludes to the reason with his introductory remarks. If this story could be real, I simply could think of no other plausible way to present it. It was important to me that the story read as realistically as possible, even within the framework of a fantasy. Although my younger character has absolutely no idea what a pervert is, he most certainly knows what a kook is. Thus, the captIve audience.

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